"Real estate is all about wasting time. The more time you waste, the more money you make.” ― Donald J. Trump

"Kelso, WA, retail space averages $1 per square foot per month."

rent 9k a month lol.

same owner/lot. parking galore
same owner/lot. parking galore
same owner/lot. parking galore

a dream. dibs on sign

the parking lot of Vibe is for sale...building may not be available? can check gis and contact owner

rental company in cowlitz. their office is next door to vibe

chrisroewe@hotmail.com seems to be the only guy actively hustling commersh real estate in cowlitz. agent for the pier one, of Woodford Commercial Real Estate

this was an escape room. small af. right next door to woodford, presumably owned by them^. dunno if still available, no active business appears online.

unknown if avail. no online presence

gonna have to go boots on the ground i think. kelsos web presence is on 56k
check back soon